Book Review : Straight and Crooked Thinking (3rd Ed.)

First published in the 1930’s Straight and Crooked Thinking by Robert Thouless sets out the most common ways people put forward “dishonest arguments”: those arguments which are mostly built on fluff and no real substance but we find ourselves nodding along with until we recover sometime later and realise none of it made any sense. Straight and Crooked Thinking trots along at a fast pace clocking in at just over 200 pages and covering over 30 examples of dishonest tactics used regularly in arguments. These tactics are just as prevalent today as they were 80 years ago.

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Anxiety and Networking

Recently, I was at one of my university’s introductory conferences for new PGRs. After a few presentations we had to do a *shudder* icebreaking activity: it was a bingo card with things like “find someone who speaks more than 2 languages”. I felt this would be fine, I had found my officemate early and sat with him during the presentations. Alas, he’s quite the social butterfly and fluttered off as soon as we were let loose. I’m going to be honest: I immediately had a panic attack. I was shaking and crying as I stumbled over to event organiser and tried to explain I had a pretty severe anxiety disorder.

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Let’s Get Started!

This blog will document the trials and tribulations of my PhD and I’m also doing it partly to practice my writing for the actual thesis itself. Hence there will be a mix of technical writing, general advice and descriptions of my own experiences.

Currently I’ve been settling into my office, doing admin, networking and getting stuck in to some reading. So to start with I’ll be doing some academic book reviews, which I’ll hopefully continue to do throughout my PhD.