Mental Health and going AWOL

I have depression and anxiety. Like most people with mental health issues, sometimes doing anything but the basics is beyond us (sometimes the basics are beyond us). Recently I have been really struggling with almost constant fatigue and consequently my blog has been neglected.

I am planning to get back to posting about MathsPsych and other stuff but I’m not planning on doing anything before October. So consider this a brief hiatus.



Warwick Conferences Review

Below is quick review of Warwick Conferences / University. Keep in mind that this is a first impressions from a four-day trip to a conference which simply hired the Warwick conference space. So if you’re interested in Warwick University, I would always recommend going on an open day.

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In Praise of Significance Magazine

I love Significance magazine the bimonthly journal/magazine hybrid released by the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and American Statistical Association (ASA). As soon as it slips through my letterbox I pop the kettle on and settle in for a thoroughly enjoyable dive into statistics related news. For many this will sound incredibly dorky but seeing as you are reading my blog I can only assume you have a little of the statistics dork inside you as well. So let me tell you of the wonders held within it’s glossy pages…

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Let’s Get Started!

This blog will document the trials and tribulations of my PhD and I’m also doing it partly to practice my writing for the actual thesis itself. Hence there will be a mix of technical writing, general advice and descriptions of my own experiences.

Currently I’ve been settling into my office, doing admin, networking and getting stuck in to some reading. So to start with I’ll be doing some academic book reviews, which I’ll hopefully continue to do throughout my PhD.