Top Tips For Working When Sick

Last Tuesday I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to get back into my PhD after a cosy Christmas break. Unfortunately, I was immediately smacked in the face with a horrendous cold that thrust right back under the covers for over a week. With my head pounding and waves of nausea hitting me every time I tried to do anything, how could I be productive and get better?

Well here are my top tips for getting through a niggling cold without falling behind in your PhD.

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Time Management when you have Anxiety and Depression

I find getting enough work done in a week very challenging. Anxiety prevents me from starting work I need to do and Depression stops me doing anything much at all. I have to work independently on my PhD and do chores, for most depressed people getting up is a challenge that can take many hours or never happen. How can you manage time when your mood resists planning?

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Anxiety and Networking

Recently, I was at one of my university’s introductory conferences for new PGRs. After a few presentations we had to do a *shudder* icebreaking activity: it was a bingo card with things like “find someone who speaks more than 2 languages”.  I’m going to be honest: I immediately had a panic attack. I was shaking as I stumbled over to the event organiser and tried to explain I had a pretty severe anxiety disorder.

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