Book Review: Forty Studies that Changed Psychology (3rd Ed.)

Every now and then it hits me that I know almost nothing about psychology. Vague recollections of drooling dogs, prison experiments and participants being told to electrocute people aren’t exactly the sort of background knowledge that helps me decipher this week’s seminar on *checks email* how we learn/reason about causality. So I rummaged around in the Social Sciences library and found a book that could hopefully gave me a solid grounding in important studies: Roger R. Hock’s Forty Studies that Changed Psychology: Explorations into the History of Psychological Research.

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PhD’s First Presentation

Last Thursday, I gave my first PhD presentation (not counting my interview!) at my department’s internal conference. Second years had to give a compulsory presentation, I chose to talk about Likert scales, and I was very honoured to win second-prize in the people’s choice award. Below is my presentation (slides and narration), plus some general tips that I picked up during the process.

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Mental Health and going AWOL

I have depression and anxiety. Like most people with mental health issues, sometimes doing anything but the basics is beyond us (sometimes the basics are beyond us). Recently I have been really struggling with almost constant fatigue and consequently my blog has been neglected.

I am planning to get back to posting about MathsPsych and other stuff but I’m not planning on doing anything before October. So consider this a brief hiatus.


Phd’s First Conference!

This Satuday, I will be attending my first conference: MathPsych 2017, hosted by the Society for Mathematical Psychology. The field of mathematical psychology is concerned with mathematically modelling processes in the brain. There is some overlap with statistics, hence why I’m going!

This will be a networking event for me as I’m not presenting anything. Follow-up posts about my experience will be going up next week.