Watch this Space: PhD’s First Conference!

So I got back from MathPsych 2017 on Tuesday and I will be writing a number of posts about my experience in the near future. A summary of my planned posts is given after the jump.

EDIT: I’ve pretty much abandoned this series of posts due to health issues preventing their creation until months after I actually attended the conference. Below are bolded links to the posts I did manage to write.

  • Run-throughs of what to expect on trains, in hotels, etc. for people like me who have anxiety or anything that means they like having very clear instructions of how to do “normal” things like go to the post office. In the meantime a great resource is wikiHow, which does have how-to’s on things like taking a plane (though it can be very US-centric). EDIT: This sort of content is going to be put on my YouTube channel which will mostly focus on being a PhD and having a disability.
  • Overviews about my Warwick University Conference experience and MathPsych experience. There will also be a general “how did it go?” post focused primarily on me and my own experience without attempting to objectively say anything about the conference itself.
  • Discussion posts which summarises my thoughts on “the cultural differences between disciplines, which impact what is seen as controversial” and “what statisticians should be doing” (the latter I touched on previously). These ideas came out in a very interesting discussion with grad students Michael Tessler (Stanford), Alex Etz and Pele Schramm (both UC Irvine).
  • Summaries of interesting talks I attended with links to the relevant research.

This post will be updated with links to the relevant blog posts once they’re written.


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