Phd’s First Conference!

This Satuday, I will be attending my first conference: MathPsych 2017, hosted by the Society for Mathematical Psychology. The field of mathematical psychology is concerned with mathematically modelling processes in the brain. There is some overlap with statistics, hence why I’m going!

This will be a networking event for me as I’m not presenting anything. Follow-up posts about my experience will be going up next week.

Book Review: The Essential Guide to Effect Sizes

Before moving into psychology, I had never encountered the term “effect size”, which is a standardized unitless way to report the effect of an intervention or treatment. This means that you can say “woah, that’s a big effect” and everyone knows what you mean whether or not they know the ins and outs of your particular research area. Being totally ignorant of this sort of thing I did what I always do: bought a book!

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Top Tips For Working When Sick

Last Tuesday I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to get back into my PhD after a cosy Christmas break. Unfortunately, I was immediately smacked in the face with a horrendous cold that thrust right back under the covers for over a week. With my head pounding and waves of nausea hitting me every time I tried to do anything, how could I be productive and get better?

Well here are my top tips for getting through a niggling cold without falling behind in your PhD.

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In Praise of Significance Magazine

I love Significance magazine the bimonthly journal/magazine hybrid released by the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and American Statistical Association (ASA). As soon as it slips through my letterbox I pop the kettle on and settle in for a thoroughly enjoyable dive into statistics related news. For many this will sound incredibly dorky but seeing as you are reading my blog I can only assume you have a little of the statistics dork inside you as well. So let me tell you of the wonders held within it’s glossy pages…

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